South Fork Elk Ranch

Ranch History

Since 1985, South Fork Elk Ranch has the first ranch in Kansas to become a home to domestic elk.  Our founding herd bull Elmer, passes on his characteristics of hard antler symmetry and gentle disposition that illustrates the atmosphere of the ranch.   Over the years, with the introduction of numerous champion and producing bloodlines, careful selective breeding has flourished into quality offspring with a respected reputation.

We monitor and note all behavior and activity of our animals such as births, antler growth, antler drops, as well a complete medical history.  All calves are tagged soon after birth and weaned from their mothers in the fall.  Our elk are divided into several herds depending on the time of year such as young bull herds, trophy bulls, cows, yearlings, and calves.  Our bulls are tagged in the right ear and  females in  the left.  The tags are color specific to their sire to give easy insight into their genetics just by looking at them in the pastures.  All our breeding animals have a complete DNA file with the North American Elk Breeders Association.

South Fork Elk Ranch has a TB accredited herd and are 15 years CWD monitored in Kansas.  We are longtime members of the North American Elk Breeders Association(NAEBA),  Kansas Cervid Breeders Association(KCBA), and the North American Deer Farmers Association. 

NAEBA Herd no: 215

Herd Prefix: SFE